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icons, blinkies, banners and more

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freebies, blinkies, icons and more

Hi, hi, hi! Welcome to taffies. Thanks so much for stopping by. Here at taffies, you'll find a variety of graphical goodies for your LJ. Please, read the rules below before joining.

If you need to get in touch with me, please message me through LJ.

Now, let's have some fun! ♥


→ membership is moderated. you will only be approved if you have proper credit up for your icons and graphics.

→ please use your manners and always credit the maker. we use our own time to create pretty things for you. if you cannot say anything nice nor feel that we deserve some credit for our work, you can go somewhere else.

→ each maker has their own set of rules. please, read their whole post before requesting and do what they ask. thank you.

→ please remember to pick up your graphics in a timely manner.

→ drama will not be tolerated. period.

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